“The One For 901”

The Terry Roland Campaign Team hopes that you will learn why we are excited that Terry Roland is running for the Mayor of Shelby County!

We have watched Terry’s passion grow deeper to see that every citizen has an opportunity to reach their full potential.

And, Terry’s common sense, wisdom, experience, ability to work with others, knowledge and understanding of the times in which we live,
will make him a great leader for Shelby County.
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Terry Roland

Terry has said, “It seems like a lifetime ago when I first ran against Ophelia Ford for state senate in 2005. That was a great eye opener when the Commercial Appeal ran the article about ‘dead bodies voting’ in that race.”

Since those days, Terry Roland has become a seasoned soldier when it comes to dealing with people in all areas of life. He has gained great knowledge and understanding about life and especially after seeing all of the crime, corruption, and cronyism as the late County Commissioner John Willingham use to say.​

And, after all the hard work, serving as a Shelby County Commissioner for the last 7 years and striving to protect the citizens from special interest, he is fully prepared to become the next Mayor of Shelby County.


As County Commissioner

Terry Roland has been a truly valuable asset to the citizens of Shelby County that most never hear about.​

Terry Roland has been a truly valuable asset to the citizens of Shelby County that most never hear about.​


  1. Fought for an educated and trained workforce
  2. Companies transferring capital and wealth to DeSoto County
  3. Stopped costly Seismic Codes for insurance and building codes
  4. Father of TIF’s –
  5. Created EDGE and ensured a way out of it. –
  6. Successfully lobbied to raise the BEP –
  7. Extra funding for Municipal School Districts
  8. Extra funding for all Chambers of Commerce
  9. Extra funding for Pre-K in Shelby County
  10. Extra funding for Regional One


  1. Supported Shelby County Sheriff’s Budget
  2. Failed computer issues in the jails
  3. Brought to light inability Federal Prisoners leaving the facilities.


  1. Cross Political and Racial lines
  2. Community Enhancement Grants
  3. Fought for the employees and retiree
  4. Single Member Districts


  1. Autonomy for the suburbs
  2. Made the Ethics Ordinance stronger
  3. Stopped the Wage Theft Ordinance the Living Wage
  4. Lowered the Mayor’s contracting authority from $100,000 to $ 50,000
  5. Eliminated Part Time Attorneys
  6. Kept MCS’s OPEB off the backs of suburban taxpayers
  7. Presides over every elected officials budget
  8. Chairman: Legislative Affairs Committee
    Land Use Planning
    Transportation Committee
    Code Enforcement Committee
  9. Member:  S.C. Agricultural Extension Committee
    S.C. Beer Board
    Retirement Board
  10. As chairman of land use and code committee successfully let the effort in completing roads and bridges projects including paving.
  11. As Legislative Chairman, Terry successfully lobbied federal and state governments to help fund Regional One, education and transportation projects.


  1. Food Deserts
  2. Stopped a gravel pit
  3. County Ambulance service
  4. Saved the Shelby Forest Boat Ramp
  5. Annexation and De-Annexation legislation
  6. Wind / Solar Energy projects (Clean Line Energy)
  7. $153,000 to the Veterans Home in Arlington
  8. Successfully lobbied to raise the BEP


Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Terry Roland For Shelby County Mayor’s Fund.

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Terry Roland For Shelby County Mayor’s Fund


Terry Roland For Shelby County Mayor


Register To Vote: 901-222-1200 or www.shelbyvote.com


Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, April 2, 2018

Early Voting: Wed., April 11 – Thurs, April 26, 2018

Election Day: Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Voting Registration: Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Early Voting: Friday, July 13 – Sat., July 28, 2018

County General Election: Thursday, August 2, 2018

Terry Roland For Shelby County Mayor