Roland Wants MLGW Board To Have A County Voice

MEMPHIS, TN ( – During colonial days, they would be throwing tea in Boston Harbor over this.

It is not taxation without representation, but some said it is pretty close.

It concerns Memphis Light, Gas, and Water and the MLGW board. Currently, only people who live in Memphis are on the board.

There is a move to change that.

Shelby County commission chairman Terry Roland said the suburbs get the short end of the stick when it comes to having a voice at MLGW.

“We’re all rate payers. They are a monopoly. If you’re building, you have to deal with them. Light, gas, and water. They’re the only people that got it,” Roland said.

Actually Germantown, Bartlett, and Collierville have their own water systems. Roland is right about electricity.

And when the Memphis City Council decided to raise MLGW’s water rates while telling them to cut the cost of electricity, that decision affects all folks in Shelby County. Not just those in the city.

“And I sent a letter to all the suburban mayors. I sent a letter to Mayor-elect Jim Strickland and one to A C Wharton and Jerry Collins. It’s just asking for one member for the board to be from out in the county,” Roland said.

Jerry Collins is the head of MLGW. A C Wharton is the soon to be former Memphis mayor. This will fall right into the lap of the mayor-elect, who happens to be at Harvard University this week taking courses in how to be a mayor.

“I’ve talked to Jim. We’ve talked about meeting and this is gonna be one of the things we talk about,” Roland said.

Bartlett mayor Keith McDonald has also expressed concern about this.

The Memphis Light, Gas, and Water board members are selected by the mayor, and the mayor we are talking about here is Jim Strickland.

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